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Restaurant Stambolijski
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Restaurant Stambolijski

As with any voyage to a far-off place you take for the first time, the first step was difficult, and the destination’s ultimate point, shrouded in mist, seemed far away and unknown.
It was the morning fog, which surrounded the old Stambolijski home and shrouded Nikola Pai Street in the center of Ni. It wasn’t as thick as pea soup, more like strips of linen.
One and a half centuries old, not in the best of shape, and somewhat deteriorated, it seemed the ideal setting for our entrance into the facility. It reminded me of an elderly man with a cane sitting on the wooden seat in front of it and watching people on the street. Todor Stankovi Stambolija, wearing a white shirt of coarse fabric and a colorful wide belt around his waist, was exactly the man we expected to see in front of it. He was removing the watch on a chain from his pocket vest and pondering whether it was time for the morning cup of coffee. Instead of him, we discovered his ancient house covered in cobwebs and dust, his fireplace out, and his backyard full with aged wooden planks and chairs.
The next year at this time, everything will shine with its former splendor, noise and banging of pots and cutlery will be heard again, the smell of traditional meat roasting and delicacies from the kitchen will return, something will boil in a kettle over the fire, people will sit and enjoy the garden, and you will hear the laughter and music of the violin and tambura. This promise was made not only to ourselves, but loudly and clearly.
So that Todor could hear us, we made our pledge very plain.
And within a few days, the construction began.
With the help of a top-tier experienced architect, masters and journeymen of all trades, and tested marketing magicians, we put together a team of people who shared our vision and merged their own innovative solutions and energy with ours.
We needed a contemporary tale that maintains the spirit of the past, therefore there was no room for compromise. Top world standards in the hospitality sector had to find the ideal harmony with classic elements in the decor.
Every day, the crew plotted, calculated, and invented new strategies. They were irritated by impediments and delighted when they successfully leapt over them.
with the shared intention of making the elderly Todor Stambolijski feel content and happy that his house was given to the rightful host.
You can see and appreciate the outcome of our shared vision as of right now.
within the following 150 years.
The restaurant Stambolijski serves both classic and postmodern cuisine.
The first is to advocate for the restoration of the true values of the former middle-class Serbia through its traditions, culture, and pursuit of happiness through the lens of authentic regional cuisine enhanced with some elements that are unique to our nation.
Inhale the aroma of the finest homemade brandy, touch glasses of mulled wine through the priceless aroma of smoke from barbecue specialties, close your eyes, and listen to old love songs with ethno notes as you launch your palates into a Balkan culinary adventure that you have never before experienced.
The second is the embrace of the true ideals of the new urban Serbia via the lens of modern cuisine enhanced with some of our original ingredients, approaching global trends, the cultural pattern of the new millennium, and hedonistic enjoyment of life. Open your eyes, take in some soothing, lounge-style jazz, let your palates soar into an explosion of Mediterranean flavor that has yet to be experienced, breathe in the aroma of fine wine, and touch glasses of cognac and bourbon that are older than you as you pass through the aristocratic smoke of Cuban cigars.
Turkish builder Amet Memedovi got to work on the mansion in 1875.
On August 1st, 1878, Todor Stankovi Stambolija, a well-known trader from Ni, purchased the unfinished house from Memetovi for 25 gold liras.
The house’s construction was wrapping up that same year.
The owner and his family were regarded as noble individuals and gracious hosts, and the home was one of the wealthier homes.
The house’s name was derived from Todor Stankovi’s nickname, and ever since, it has been referred to in Ni as the Stambolijski house.
The structure was designated a cultural monument on July 28, 1949, and since it is the sole example of the Serbian-Balkan type of ancient city architecture that has been maintained in the entire Nis, it is protected by law.
Restaurant Stambolijski interior design is defined as eclectic and rustic in perfect harmony with contemporary and minimalistic design.
Lower hall will entice you with its loose French café appeal where you can enjoy your morning espresso while reading newspaper or having breakfast, while the upper hall enchants with its sophisticated setting with harmonized elegant colors for a magnificent gastronomic voyage during lunch or dinner.

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