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Restaurant Stadio - Unirii
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Restaurant Stadio – Unirii

About Stadio Unirii
A Stadio with personality in front of the largest building in Europe.
In the area of the fountains on Unirii Boulevard, at no. 1, and just a few steps from the Palace of the Parliament, Stadio Unirii awaits you with fun decor, good food and a modern and relaxed atmosphere.
Taking into account the proximity to what was once the House of the People, on the ground floor of a block built during the communist period, it is no wonder that the decor is inspired by Romania’s “glory years” of the last century. But reinterpreted ironically, using the comfortable language of London restaurants. The design bears the signature of PickTwo architecture studio, who managed to take the specific architectural elements of the 80s and build, on their basis, a very modern restaurant! Thus integrated into the contemporary, elements such as the Romanian “Rușchița” marble floor or the cut-out ceiling as if from a conference room, give the restaurant a special charm.
What results is a pleasant, quiet atmosphere, which is only good for socializing. And for that, in the summer you can also take advantage of the terrace shaded by awnings and a view of the Parliament Palace.
MENU Stadio Unirii
Stadio is an international restaurant concept, so the menu takes the world’s most loved dishes and reinterprets them in its own style, with a lot of creativity – from the original and funny names, to the mix of ingredients and presentation. And so that the food has even more flavor, most of the dishes are cooked “in house”, and in the kitchen at Stadio Unirii there is a grill with “real” coals.
Stadio means socializing, so on the menu you can find aperitif platters and drinks meant to be shared by at least two people. And since we have reached the drinks chapter, you must try the original Spritz recipes, inspired by famous cocktails from America, France or Italy! And the drinks menu continues with numerous hot recipes and coffee, fresh drinks and delicious lemonade, all kinds of cocktails, beer, spirits, prosecco and a large selection of wines.
Stadio Unirii also becomes an attractive lunch destination offering a special prix fixe menu from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 15:00. Choose and combine a Starter with a Main Course and you get a different menu every time. Plus preferential treatment (ie a special price) on Dessert and Beverages.


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