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Restaurant Salon 1905
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Restaurant Salon 1905

In the center of Belgrade’s old town, in the renowned “Geozavod” building, Salon 1905 provides a completely unique fine dining experience.
The landmark building from the turn of the century is a marvel of combined Baroque and Art Nouveau construction, with an amazing interior adorned with gleaming brass, marble, and gold.
A “Welcome to Serbia” six-course special is back on the menu, along with a variety of premium items that will take your tastebuds to heaven and back including our locally produced, slow-cooked hog leg smoked on beech wood. We advise making a reservation for a table in advance.
Restaurant Salon 1905 offers the genuine thing. Only fresh, premium ingredients are used in each of our meals to create the finest gourmet cuisine. The recipes in our kitchen are renowned for being straightforward but effective. Every time, your experience is elevated by the team’s extensive experience in the gourmet sector on a global scale. We suggest that you take it easy, relax, and let the house work its magic. The classics continue to be relevant through innovation.
David Simunic returned to Serbia with competence and experience after spending several years honing his craft in restaurants in Greece and Italy’s Mediterranean region. Formerly a student of architecture, he mixes his love of art and creativity with his enthusiasm for delicious food, using the concepts of engineering and craftsmanship as his guiding principles in the kitchen. David has continually reimagined the fine dining experience in Belgrade since taking over as Salon 1905’s head chef, putting an emphasis on classic gourmet Serbian dishes that have his own touch.
As soon as you enter the stunning structure, which is reminiscent of the best traditions of Vienna and Paris, you feel at ease. Despite its lavishness, 1905 exudes coziness and closeness, and its design is sophisticated and elegant. similar to our meal. After dinner, our enormous wood bar is the perfect place to decompress. It’s also a great place for a late-night chill. Open until 2:00 a.m.
Our wine list tells you a tale about the geographical development of the Serbian region. Each bottle is specifically selected to complement a certain meal or combine with our menu. The same is true of our list’s international component. We carefully choose French, Italian, and New World wines to meet the high standards of our visitors. We take great care and are passionate about what we do, always aiming for perfection.
The smoothest jazz in town will liven up your Saturday night on the town. Every Friday night, Keith Jarret-style solo jazz piano accompaniment was provided, and on Saturdays, our live trio (piano, upright bass, and drums) entertained guests with a sophisticated selection of tunes from Django to Chet to keep the evening lively.
Serbian cuisine is a vibrant fusion of several cultures that showcase the nation’s rich background, making it the perfect canvas for imaginative inventions.
Salon 1905’s brand-new tasting menu, which features a premium selection of organic products, is designed to evoke the true flavor of long-gone eras by reimagining traditional Balkan dinner staples in an eclectic mix of distinctive palates, aromas, and textures.

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