Restaurant Project 72 Wine & Deli

Restoran Project 72 Wine & Deli




Restaurant Project 72 Wine & Deli
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Restaurant Project 72 Wine & Deli

Our gastronomic philosophy at Restaurant Project 72 is based on dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm, connection with our climate. We nurture the spirit of Vojvodina hospitality and respect the values ​​related to the uniqueness of each food. Therefore, we are close to the concept of root-to-leaf , when it comes to foods of plant origin, that is, the concept of nose-to-tail , the gastronomic principle that everything should be used in the context of meat. In this way, we revive old, forgotten dishes by giving them a creative touch. By introducing the guest to these valuables, we preserve a centuries-old tradition and influence people’s consciousness, which is our mission and the basis of gastronomy.
Restaurant Project 72 base the menu on seasonal ingredients, deep love for the country and appreciation of gastronomic history. In order to give a new tone to the colors and smells of traditional Vojvodina and Serbian dishes, we study them, reexamine them and offer a new interpretation.
Each plate is a story in which the history, culture and customs of a people meet, the memory of tastes and recipes passed down through the generations, but also the story of contemporary culinary trends. Cooperation with small local producers, as well as with the Vojvodina cluster of organic production , provides us with the best foods, mainly from organic and biodynamic production, which are the essence of our culinary philosophy. We purchase meat from local butchershops, all cheeses come from organic or biodynamic production, while eggs are from free-range chickens. Pasta, pastries and bread are handmade and fresh every day.
Restaurant Project 72 is located in a unique environment, which follows our aesthetics and culinary vision. It is a place of refined tastes, authentic spirit and gastronomy, a meeting place where we satisfy the basic need of every being, the need for others, which is realized exclusively by sharing.

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