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Restaurant Noua
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Restaurant Noua

NOUA is a Romanian story, it starts with once upon a time and continues with the fight against the fear of the salt drob. That body behind which is a real fear of acting, which sometimes turns us into its contemplators and not the other way around. But we like to think that the pinch of salt is a beginning. We are not afraid of him, on the contrary, he has become our friend, polished from the flesh into a bright crystal of salt. Therefore, the “crystal of salt” of the Romanian territory is the leitmotif of the NOUA manifesto… You can find it in our logo as well.
The cuisine at Noua is seasonal and fluctuates based on what the seasons of the year have to offer. Most of the ingredients come from nearby farms. The recipes emphasize ingredients that might be disregarded, neglected, or abandoned. Simple, in-season items are given a new perspective to make them absolutely stunning.
The pleasant decor features natural touches like wool or wood. We stayed in a ground-floor room, but we would prefer to stay upstairs where we were told you could look right into the kitchen the next time.
Twelve dishes total—four amuse-bouches, three appetizers, two main courses, a pre-dessert, and two desserts—make up the tasting menu. There is just enough food so that you won’t wake up feeling completely satisfied. The server presents each dish, making supper into a really unique event in and of itself.


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