Restaurant Klas Barbeque

Ресторант Клас Барбекю




Restaurant Klas Barbeque
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Restaurant Klas Barbeque

Welcome to the newly opened VIP hall of Restaurant Klas Barbecue – elegant surroundings, perfect service and the same irresistible menu are available for your most special moments.
Klas is a restaurant with tradition!
Only 10 minutes from Varna is a refined restaurant, where you can clearly feel the warm breeze of the Orient. As soon as you enter the lobby, a feeling of coziness is created. Entering the first hall, one cannot help but notice the unique interior solutions, and crossing the threshold of the new elegant hall, awakens an aesthetic delight for all the senses. This is Klas Barbecue – not just a restaurant, but a real fairy tale.
Let our gastronomic and aesthetic journey begin in the traditional hall. The warm welcome, the uniquely combined oriental elements, the comfort and warmth in the hall create an extremely cozy atmosphere.
Right from the entrance, the huge barbecue in the middle of the hall, covered with ornaments refined to the last detail, makes an impression. Right next to the barbecue, a master chef takes out extremely appetizing bread rolls straight from the oven. And then we realize that we are witnessing a unique cooking show. The appetite immediately awakens, followed by the confusion – “What should I order, everything looks so delicious?”. Whatever we choose, it is cooked before our eyes – from fresh, unfrozen meats from animals, personally selected by a specialist. Observing the skillful movements and technique of the chef, it becomes clear to us that we will taste the works of a real magician.
Our journey through the Orient continues in the new hall of the Klas Barbecue restaurant. Opulence, elegance, luxury, elegance – words that barely hint at the setting that unfolds before our eyes. The first thought that creeps into our minds is that the spirit of the hall is inspired by Eastern fairy tales and the magic of the stories of 1001 nights.
A quick glance cannot capture all the exquisite details, which by no means irritate but inspire our senses. Each element of the design is handmade and delivered from abroad especially for Klas Barbecue restaurant. The wooden part of the chairs and tables are not just golden in color, but really gilded. Special crystals are used in the upholstery of the furniture, and the upholstery itself is made of hand-woven silk velvet. And the spectacular chandelier, which so elegantly complements the setting, is made with Swarovski stones.
After paying well-deserved attention to the unique setting, it’s time to enjoy the culinary delights. The rich menu of specialties from the traditional cuisine of the Orient, the carefully selected always fresh meat products, the quality fragrant spices and vegetables and the healthy way of preparing the food are a guarantee for an unforgettable gastronomic celebration.
Gastronomic tourism has been a leading trend in recent years. Increasingly demanding restaurant guests demand quality service, unique cuisine and an atmosphere that takes them to different worlds. Class Barbecue combines all these elements and allows a walk to other latitudes without leaving Bulgaria. A concept that proves to be a winner and wins the hearts of guests who return again and again, discovering each time a different piece of the puzzle of mystical oriental flavors, aromas and colors.
True to it, we offer you lamb, chicken and beef delicacies. And because we care about your opinion and taste, we only use fresh, non-frozen meat from animals personally selected by our specialist.
We don’t store meat for tomorrow! Our chef is a proven professional not only in Bulgarian, but also in Eastern cuisine. He is unsurpassed in his unique “Cooking Show”. In addition to his masterly skills, we also bet on quality products, which is a guarantee of good taste!!!

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