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Restaurant Kafana Meze
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Restaurant Kafana Meze

What is a Kafana? A traditional endowment in Serbs, a place of good fun and even better brandy, a place where people enter without knowing anyone and leave with four godfathers. In the Turkish language, kafana means a house where coffee is drunk. In the 16th century, the Turks conquered Europe, built mosques, inns, caravanserais and houses where coffee is drunk. Belgrade in 1522. becomes the first European city to get a pub. Over time, the “most important institution” acquires new dimensions.
Why do I drink? First of all, for me, drinking is not a habit, but a daily celebration! Am I drinking to forget something? No speech! Just to remember things that I forget sober. They emerge from wine vapor; sometimes I can even feel them, the drink gives them such a solid shape… On the other hand, I don’t belong to those who sparingly spend their lives on a straw, to make it last as long as possible. I don’t destroy it on purpose, but I don’t spare it either. I just seem to use it up faster than the others.
A healthy breakfast is the most important meal, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and that we can’t enjoy it. You can try breakfast in the Niš style at Restaurant Kafana Meze and start a new day.
Our products are made according to old recipes and skills of good craftsmen. We learned from our ancestors how to prepare a real home-cooked meal, because without quality home-made ingredients there is no quality food. Try grandma’s salads, cooked dishes, pour grandma’s roast with homemade wine and sweeten yourself with homemade cakes.
Come to Restaurant Kafana Meze and enjoy.
Birthdays, weddings, new year, Serbian new year, Chinese new year, graduation, passed exam, sunny day, rainy day, first snow, met an old friend, met a new friend, woke up smiling, won the lottery, received you got your salary, paid the last installment of the loan…
Do you need another reason to celebrate?

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