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Restaurant HEMINGWAY Plovdiv
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Restaurant HEMINGWAY Plovdiv

Restaurant Hemingway Plovdiv – is a place for meals, meetings, wine and music.

The Restaurant Hemingway is located in the heart of Plovdiv on a peaceful street next to the Roman Odeon. The bohemian decor combines aesthetics and coziness, and the ancient bookcases seem to line up spontaneously. In the summer, the little tables on the pavement bring to mind the coziness of Parisian cafés and bistros. The air is filled with the enticing smells of freshly made bread and perfectly cooked cuisine. The client also feels comfortable and always comes back for more. More from the food cooked with love, more from the wines selected with finesse, more from the music of the piano in the corner. We have taken care to offer variety in the lunch and dinner menu, our wine list is a selection of classy Bulgarian and imported wines, and we try to maintain the service at a high level. Because our customers expect it from us. Because it always has been. Because whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or want to have fun with colleagues and friends, Restaurant Hemingway is the place.

We’ll strive to present our novel idea to you in our menu! The Traditional recipes of Restaurant Hemingway, made with seasonal ingredients and farm fresh ingredients are something that is deeply ingrained in each of us. Combinations of well-known flavors that have been carefully picked and prepared using minimal heat in traditional dishes while using modern techniques to preserve the quality of the ingredients. Eating gives us the chance to go back in time. Thanks to the farmer’s and local ingredients’ distinctive qualities, the Bulgarian herbs, and the soft veal flesh that has been aged for 30 days, our meals tell a tale. With a little assistance from our culinary staff, let them tell you their story.

Restaurant Hemingway Plovdiv is the place for food, a glass of good wine and music

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