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Restaurant Haute Pepper
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Restaurant Haute Pepper

Here, in the center of Bucharest, at Haute Pepper, you may experience food as an artistic endeavor. We refer to this as FOOD COUTURE. However, we’re not really about good food (make that fantastic food!). In our contemporary, atmospheric space, we prioritize creating experiences and fostering connections. Come see for yourself the rest. You’re getting a high-end goodie! Haute Pepper is one of the restaurants on Unirii boulevard, the part with the fountains, i.e. from Unirii Square to Casa Poporului. Haute Pepper is right on the edge of Piata Constitutiei, since 2008 on the ground floor of a long block, with a pretty nice terrace in front. The place is set up quite well, it looks more like a cafe, with tables and low armchairs – they call themselves “restaurant & lounge”.
The people from Haute Pepper made a general upgrade to their restaurant in 2017, I found it looking better than I knew it from the few visits in the past years, and they also went through the menu, I remember that I didn’t he had liked the food then.

Haute Pepper took a corner of the block from Piata Constitutiei, the very last one before starting the semicircle with the big government institutions, more precisely in the coast of the Ministry of Communications, in their case, and with the Antim Monastery behind them. They are right across the street from Social 1, another restaurant in the area, positioned absolutely symmetrically to the wide boulevard.

It is one of those huge blocks, the “pride of communism” when they were built, among the most expensive in the city. Staying “At the fountains” was an enviable social marker. It was designed as a commercial space, some shop, but the people from Haute Pepper tried to create something functional. The new furniture looks good, in general, even if the arrangement and decorations are not among the most original or modern. The terrace is quite large, they have comfortable benches and large parasols.

The menu at Haute Pepper is from international cuisine, with a good portion of Italian dishes, quite conservative, nothing special to say about it. I had a mushroom cappucciono soup, which was quite good, some salmon rolls and vegetables on the side, not who knows what, and some truffle pasta which was quite good and these, with truffles that smelled good, from a distance. The dessert was good, also the Illy coffee as we know it.

The service was fast at Haute Pepper, with a pleasant middle-aged waiter, confident, with whom you could talk, and a very young one, totally absent and inattentive, with no desire to work, I had to take him by the sleeve to some customers who were trying for about 10 minutes to get his attention, but he passed by everyone without even looking.

Most of the clients at Haute Pepper were foreigners, visiting the People’s House, no doubt. The prices are high, but within reasonable limits.

Haute Pepper is a decent restaurant, which lives mostly on the money of foreign tourists who come by bus to see what Ceauescu did to a place of the great damage he did. I think that officials from the surrounding ministries also come, which I share with Social 1. Because others don’t really see it coming, Haute Pepper is not (yet) a restaurant to come to from afar in a special way, neither for the food and not for the atmosphere.


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