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Restaurant Dieci
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Restaurant Dieci

At Dieci, we think that utilizing regional produce and dining in accordance with the seasons benefits not just our meals but also the environment, our community’s economy, local farmers, and the quality and flavor of the produce. The renaissance of Bulgarian cuisine enters a new phase as a result of Dieci Restaurant’s actions.
Since food has always played a key part in influencing our society, we believe that cuisine is one of the most distinctive methods to communicate a region’s culture. Gianfranco Chiarini’s cuisine at Dieci Restaurant is the culmination of more than three decades of investigation and travel to numerous international restaurants.
The philosophy incorporated into the Dieci Restaurant’s menu revolves around progressive Italo-Bulgarian cuisine, which is reflected in the variety of traditional Mediterranean fare combined with progressive presentations, vibrant colors, and an enticing fusion of flavors, with an emphasis on using the freshest of ingredients, the region, and the seasons all delicately prepared with modern culinary techniques.
Our ten-course tasting menu takes diners on a tour of Bulgaria’s many regions while infused with Italian and Mediterranean flavors. Our proposal is original and special to the area. Definitely a pleasure for all enthusiasts of superb fusion food as well as those who appreciate how the landscape and products change with the seasons.
Now working together on their life’s work. The meal that the Chiarini pair offers is neither a list of ingredients or a showcase of culinary prowess. It tells the story of Italian fervor and the landscape of Bulgaria. Cooking is a synthesis of concepts, methods, and cultures. There is no math involved. It has feelings.
Ours is a contemporary Bulgarian/Italian Fusion restaurant designed to engage with and benefit Bulgaria. The development of ties with the locals—neighbors, craftspeople, farmers, hunters, foragers, and other inhabitants of this special place—excites us the most. We hope that their experiences will converge with our own; that we will be stewards of this shared vision, sharing it with our visitors in a way that is both intimate and joyous.
Welcome to Dieci, your new home.


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