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Ganesha Caffe - Barbu Vacarescu
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Ganesha Caffe – Barbu Vacarescu

Even the name of the place, “Ganesha,” is provided by the Goddess who peacefully guards this beautiful setting.
In Floreasca District, she is revered as the goddess of obstacles since she both produces and removes the defining barriers to one’s personal development, regardless of their origin in the material or spiritual realm.
The exotic decor draws people in with an explosion of vivid hues that cover a wide variety of nuances and include the best hookah. Each space adheres to a unique color scheme that exudes sophistication and elegance. The balcony and the rooms are roomy and designed to give you a high level of comfort and relaxation while maintaining an air of intimacy. The large, regal red sofas that decorate the room’s contour in an original style with their royal crimson colours create a harmonious contrast to the black furniture’s superb perfection. Customers can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the decorative features from this viewpoint.
Please unwind in a unique environment where time and space take on new dimensions.
The atmosphere at our establishment is influenced by oriental culture and the Ganesha Goddess legend.
Each area welcomes us with magnificent paintings that reveal the wonderful story of Indian culture. The decor is entirely hand-made and meticulously crafted down to the last detail. You will be transported into a fantastic world by the café’s windows, which are enhanced by finely painted stained glass windows, as well as by the exquisitely colored ceilings.
Ganesha Caffe is the ideal setting for spending an evening out with friends or loved ones while savoring our legendary ice hookah and other distinctive, expertly prepared goods. A bit of nature in the middle of the city is the GANESHA GARDEN.
A light show greets you at the entry, and as you enter the garden, Indian roses, silver beads, and newly blooming trees will fascinate you. The private and pleasant environment is maintained by large wooden pergolas, together with benches and chairs upholstered in oriental textiles and music of the same kind. At Ganesha Caffe & Garden, where we are waiting for you, you will consistently be impressed.


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10:00 am - 2:00 am
10:00 am - 2:00 am
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