Detailed Review
Interior (ambiance)

A lot of mixed emotions and feelings from the restaurant Brick House in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. First, they did not have any Bulgarian wine, which is kind of crazy since Kapana is famous for its local street food and drinks. A lot of the visitors in Kapana are from abroad, why would they want to drink Chilian or South African wine? Even the local guest would prefer local wine. When we asked they said that they have Bulgarian wine but only on glass. So we ordered 3 glasses. After some time the waiter came in and told us that they don’t have enough wine for 3 glasses. So we decided to go for the imported wine. Then we start ordering food, but they started explaining that they don’t have a lot of the things on the menu. And on top of everything when we wanted to pay the bill with a credit card, they informed us that they accept only cash, which is insane for a restaurant in Kapana! And especially for the 21st century. This was crazy to me.
To be honest, the staff was very nice, very apologetic about everything, and very professional and that is why I gave the service 2 stars, otherwise, it would be 1 star or even negative. Also, the food was very tasty overall, but quite overpriced for the size of the portions.

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